Teach. Learn. Party.

Maya allows you to learn new things in a fast, fun and convenient way

Free registration and free tools

Learning from experts and enthusiasts

Everybody in the community gets value

Choose your favorite artists

Reach out to individuals for private lessons or mentorship. Send request for a teacher to community and get replies from available artists. Choose your favourite, talk all details and meet!

Get personal access to people’s passions and talents

Choose among exceptional base of great artists. Right now you can learn from the best performancers in their fields from NYC and around the world, which eager to share their passions with you!

Send out requests

If you don't have a specific person in mind, you can send out requests in specific categories. Choose a time, location, and price range that are convenient to you, or let the artists propose the details in their offers!

Create something extraordinary

Joining MAYA will help you organise event of your dreams. You can show the world effects of your hard work, passion and talent. Pick up the location, start disposal of the tickets and feel the vibes!

Learn and Earn

Choose from variety of different categories

Visual Arts

Mindful Arts

Music Arts


Meet all kinds of interesting people

I've had a fantastic experience being an artist on Maya. Maya is fast, ease to use, and brings me closer to students and peers who want to practice my favorite activities, from acro-yoga to piano to dance.

Danielle Marie

Dance Teacher, Zouk Dancing

Maya is an exciting new way to find dance lessons on demand. The team behind Maya is highly responsive and they've really made it their mission to make dance enthusiasts like me get fast-tracked to mastery with discount acces to my favorite instructors.

Austin Webb

Dance Enthusiast and Coach

Share your passions and learn from others


  • Create your own site/profile which will emphasize your talents and abilities.
  • Specify your offer and make an individual event.
  • Share your skills with anyone and earn money!


  • Look up through the artists and browse their offers.
  • Sign for a specific event.
  • Send wave in chosen category.

See it for yourself!